Further information about my work 

I make small ceramic sculptures which combine opposites of form, texture and colour as metaphors for perfection versus imperfection/ control versus chaos in relation to personal identity and a contradictory sense of self. My work explores ideas about the containment of personal and emotional mess and disorder, in a world which encourages the belief that control and perfection in all aspects of our lives is desirable and attainable. I am interested in the contemporary tendency, aided by the tools of social media, to mask the messiness and chaos of real life through the creation of curated/ constructed personal identities. My sculptures combine loosely made sections with carefully constructed and evenly finished sections, enabling me to explore my personal relationship to my themes through my own making processes.

My sculptures are intended to be unsettling in their form and how they are displayed, sometimes spilling over or lurking at the foot of the plinth. Small in scale (max 30cm in any dimension), they are intended to have visual and formal energy. Some pieces seem to imply an obscure function and I am interested in exploring how this can be exploited to enhance their unsettling nature, with some elements appearing carefully 'designed' and others almost formless. 

My work is hand built from earthenware clay and fired to earthenware temperatures. I work quickly and loosely with the clay, pushing and slopping it; but I also form it precisely through the careful and slow construction of slabs and the smoothing of surfaces, combining both approaches within the same piece. Muted earthenware glazes, stained with oxides and sometimes including additions such as sand, are offset by vivid acrylic colours.

Future plans include exploring how thrown forms could be corrupted and collapsed, to create chaotic folded surfaces which I can cut up and reassemble for sculptural works.